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Transportation changes must be in writing and submitted to the office no later than 1:00.


If the change is to a bus, then the destination address must also be included on the note.


Please specify the length of time the change is to take place.


Your child can bring the note to school and give it to their teacher, you can bring it to the office, or fax it to the school. We cannot accept emails or transportation changes over the phone.


If you have a child at the Lower Elementary and at the Upper Elementary, all pick ups and drop offs are done at the Upper Elementary. On a transportation change it is called a “Walker to the Upper” if they are car riders in the afternoon.


The fax number is 601-268-8852.


If you have any questions, call Suzette Scortino at 601-268-3862.

We have constructed with the assistance of The Lamar County Board of Supervisors, York Developments and The Lamar County Board of Education a new entrance for Oak Grove Lower Elementary. This entrance will be the primary entrance for our school and the Car Line Drop Off and Pick Up in the mornings and afternoons. The Bellegrass Gate will remain locked and will no longer be used for access to the car line effective _Wednesday September 24, 2014. 

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