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At Oak Grove Lower Elementary we have many fantastic things going on in our classrooms! But our amazing teachers are always striving to provide extra educational experiences to our students. One way that they are able to fund these extra opportunities is through the generosity of donors from around the world. If you are interested in donating to help get a project off of the ground for our school, please check out the below active projects!

Thank you for always supporting the students and teachers at Oak Grove Lower Elementary!!

See It! Hear It! Read It!

A project by Mrs. Heather Strickland

Boogie Down and Learn!

A project by Mrs. Sara Stygles

Memorable Math Materials

A project by Mrs. Ashley Pfalzgraf

Boogie Boardin' Fun!

A project by Mrs. Rachel Carvajal

Rock, Paper, Scissors

A project by Mrs. Michelle Courtney

Dash-Ing Into Robotics

              A project by Mrs.                        Michelle Courtney
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